Creative Bath Towel Gift Wrapping Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

Creative Bath Towel Gift Wrapping Ideas ! Giving bath towels as gifts can seem boring. But with a little creativity, they can be fun, personalized presents anyone would love to receive! This comprehensive guide covers unique bath towel gift wrapping ideas for all occasions.

Creative Bath Towel Gift Wrapping Ideas

Why Give Bath Towels as Gifts

Bath towels make wonderful gifts for several reasons:

  • Useful & practical: Unlike trinkets that get stashed away, bath towels get used daily.
  • Personal: Much more thoughtful than generic gifts like candles or lotions.
  • Colorful: Liven up someone’s bathroom with vibrant, patterned towels.
  • Customizable: Add monograms, embroidery, appliques, and other personal touches.

Additionally, the variety of colors, materials, and sizes means there’s a bath towel to suit anyone’s tastes. Consider going beyond basic bath towels with unique finds like oversized beach towels, plush robes, monogrammed towel sets, and more.

Tips for Selecting Bath Towels as Gifts

Consider the below when choosing bath towels to give as presents:

  • Pay attention to the size the recipient prefers from washcloths to oversized.
  • Look to match or complement their bathroom color scheme and decor style.
  • Texture and materials like cotton, microcotton, bamboo and microfiber range from lightweight to super plush.
  • A coordinated towel set with hand towels, washcloths and bath mats pulls an entire bath space together.
  • For kids, hooded towel robes make bath time more fun.
  • For fitness friends, consider monogrammed gym towels for working out in style.

Selecting good quality towels suited to the recipient makes your gift special.

Creative Bath Towel Gift Wrapping Ideas

Folding, twisting, and embellishing towels uniquely transforms them from basic to beautiful gifts. Get inspired by these creative towel gift wrapping suggestions:

Folded Towel Shapes

Tuck towels into fun origami-style shapes before wrapping:

  • Roses
  • Hearts
  • Bows
  • Baskets or boxes
  • Knots
  • Fans
  • Flowers like lilies or carnations
  • Acorn shapes when working with small washcloths

This makes even simply wrapped towels pop.

Towel Presentations

Display towels attractively for a spa-worthy reveal:

  • Drape over a hanger as a faux robe
  • Fill a basket, box or bin with the towel plus bath accessories like loofahs, candles and bath salts
  • Stack multiple towels and tie together with ribbon
  • Showcase in a cellophane bag like a boutique item
  • Pair with matching bath accessories like slippers, headbands or loofahs to give the full spa experience.

Decorative Wraps

Enhance basic wrapping with accents like:

  • Fabric strips
  • Raffia, twine or colorful yarn
  • Greenery and flowers
  • Holiday decorations like plum accents, evergreen sprigs, mini pumpkins or ornaments
  • Essential oils for soft scent
  • Present inside gift tins for handy bath storage later

Get creative with embellishments to complement the wrapping style to the recipient.

DIY Embellished Towel Wraps

Beyond wrapping techniques, the towels themselves can be decoratively embellished before gifting for added wow-factor.

Sewn and Glued Accents

Add unique texture by stitching or gluing items onto towels:

  • Lace, rickrack, pom poms, tulle
  • Buttons, bows, felt or vinyl cut-out shapes
  • Appliques, embroidered patches or monograms
  • Tiny shells or beads in organic designs

Leave parts of white or light-colored towels blank for DIY-ing delight where the recipient can get crafty adding their own embellishments later.

Or choose towels in bold colors like navy or hunter green and decorate with contrasting ribbons, trims or appliques for a playful polka-dot effect.

Fabric Paint and Markers

Unleash creativity by embellishing towels with:

  • Fabric paints
  • Puffy paint pens perfect for 3D flower or heart designs
  • Fabric markers for hand-lettering names, phrases or fun graphics

Free-hand designs, stencils, stamps, and even potato block printing works wonderfully.

Nature Inspiration

Freshen up towels by integrating natural elements like:

  • Pressed flowers or leaves
  • Wood slices or laser cut nature shapes
  • Potpourri stuffed inside folly bags attached with jute
  • Essential oil-infused bath salts or soap bars tucked into pockets

Connecting bath towels to nature results in mindful spa-worthy gifts.

Tips for Beautiful Gift Wrapping

Special touches make towel presents shine no matter the wrapping style:

Complement Their Bath Design

If gifting to someone you know, incorporate hues and textures complementary to their bathroom. The gift feels tailored and harmonious.

For example, pair deep teal towels with metallic ribbon. Or warm brown towels wrapped in burlap and twine.

Scent Pairing

Coordinate essential oils or soap scents with the towel color and patterning.

Bright citrus oils like grapefruit or lemon match cheery yellow stripe towels. Earthy blends like lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree oil suit navy organic cotton towels.

Take fragrance coordination one step further by selecting a scented candle that pulls everything together.

Meaningful Gift Tags

Attach a card with a heartfelt message or quote. Share memories made together or the specific meaning behind your meaningful towel gift.

If gifting a monogrammed towel, include a thoughtful explanation of why you chose those particular initials for personalization.

Special Occasions

Make basic bath towels exciting gifts for special celebrations with fun themes:


For bridal showers:

  • White towels embroidered with the bride’s new last name
  • His and hers towel sets in complementary colors

For newlyweds:

  • Plush towels monogrammed with the couple’s now-shared last initial
  • Coordinated towels presented in a personalized laundry basket


  • Halloween: creepy cloth spiderweb towels or candy corn-striped hand towels
  • Christmas: lush red and green towels adorned with jingle bells
  • Valentine’s Day: luxury bath sheets with heart patterns or piping


  • Kids birthday: hooded superhero or mermaid towel robes
  • Milestone birthdays: classy waffle weave towels with age or birthday number embroidered

Celebratory customization makes bath towels special occasion must-haves.

Eco-Friendly Wrapper Inspiration

Bath towels made of organic materials like bamboo, cotton, and hemp make excellent eco-friendly basics to gift wrap with reusable embellishments.

Upcycle fabric scraps from old clothing or linens to sew towel accents like ruffles, bows, and rosettes. Recycle paper bags and last year’s holiday cards as ingredients for artsy gift wrap decoupage.

For all-natural decoration, utilize previously fallen pinecones, acorns, properly dried flowers, and foraged twigs. Top with jute, raffia, or cotton twine closure accents.

Tower Stackers

Large families or those who love lounging in plush towels benefit from oversized bath sheets. Wrap the gift of luxury by creatively displaying the towels:

  • Fold into thirds and stand upright like a tower
  • Adhere extra towels into a stacked pyramid shape
  • Alternate rolling half the towels and fold the other half into upright tubes

Vertically oriented towels wow with the impressive presence making the generous size clear at first glance. Accompany with a wooden bath caddy filled with scented soaps, candles and more stackable self-care goodies.


With endless options for shapes, accents, textures and scents, bath towels transform into impressive gifts. Take towels from boring to beautiful by embellishing and creatively wrapping with the recipient’s style in mind.

These unique bath towel gift ideas apply to any special occasion – birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, weddings and more! Now that you’re inspired, the presentation possibilities are bountiful. We would love to see photos of your prettiest towel gift wrapping and display towers! Tag us on social media using #elegantdrying