What Color Bath Towels Should I Get : A Complete Guide

What Color Bath Towels Should I Get? When choosing new bath towels, color is one of the most important factors to consider. The right hues can pull your bathroom decor together, flatter your complexion, hide stains better, and make cleaning easier. This guide will discuss the most popular bath towel colors, key considerations when selecting colors, specific color recommendations for different bathroom styles, and expert tips for choosing the perfect towels to fit your needs.

What Color Bath Towels Should I Get

Why the Color of Your Bath Towels Matters

The color of your bath towels is about more than just aesthetics. It can impact the functionality, how long they look decent and create a cohesive look in your bath space. Here are some key reasons why bath towel color choice is important:

  • Sense of Style – Bath towels add a decorative element and color pops to your bathroom. Choose hues that express your style.
  • Coordinate Colors – Select towel colors that coordinate with your bathroom color scheme and tiles for a pulled-together look.
  • Home Decor – Ensure bath towels fit your overall home decor aesthetic whether modern, traditional, or eclectic.

Most Popular Bath Towel Colors

When deciding “what color bath towels should I buy,” you’ll likely come across the below hues most often during your search. Here are some of the most popular bath towel colors:

  • White – Crisp, bright, and easy to bleach. White bath towels are a classic choice.
  • Beige/Tan – Warm, cozy neutral shades that hide dirt well. Great for traditional spaces.
  • Gray – Sophisticated charcoal to platinum grays work with any style.
  • Blue – Relaxing aqua to navy blue towels for coastal-inspired bathrooms.
  • Green – Earthy sage to rejuvenating mint towels suit eclectic tastes.
  • Black – For a modern, dramatic look, choose sleek black towels.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Bath Towel Colors

Keep the below factors in mind when weighing “what color towels will work best in my bathroom?” to make the best decision for your needs.

Purpose and Functionality

Consider if the towels are for decorative, everyday use, or something in between. This impacts what hue works best:

  • Everyday – Quick to dry lighter colors like white.
  • Decorative – Focus on the color aesthetic you want.
  • Mixed Use – Pick a dual-purpose color that fits both needs.

Personal Preference

Think about colors you are naturally drawn to. Choosing towels in your favorite shade or a hue that complements your complexion ensures you’ll love the look.

Bathroom Style and Decor

The color palette of your bathroom should directly inform your towel choice:

  • Match – Choose a towel color that coordinates with your bathroom color scheme.
  • Complement – Pick a hue that brings out other accents like countertops.

Ease of Cleaning and Care

Consider care and maintenance when picking bath towel colors. Details that impact this include:

  • Bleachable – White cotton towels can be bleached to look cleaner, and longer.
  • Stain Hiding – Darker towels like brown hide stains better.
  • Look New Longer – Deeper colors maintain appearance after multiple washes.

What Color Bath Towels Should I Get For My Bathroom?

The best bath towel color for you depends on your existing bathroom aesthetic. Here are color recommendations for some popular bath decor styles:

Small Classic White Bathroom

For small bathrooms with subway tiles, porcelain fixtures, or marble, choose classic white towels to maintain the light and bright look. Crisp white also keeps the space feeling open and airy.

Bold and Dramatic Black Bathroom

Make a sophisticated style statement with moody black bath towels in a bathroom with black accents. Pair with wood tones and stone for a luxe, high-contrast look.

Beach-Inspired Blue Bathroom

Capture the colors of sun, sky, and sea with lightweight blue cotton towels in a coastal-themed bathroom with blue and green accents. Aqua blue pops against white.

Rustic and Earthy Brown Bathroom

In a bathroom with wood cabinetry, stone tiles, wrought iron, and neutral colors, pick natural-hued brown or tan towels to match the cozy, earthy aesthetic.

Expert Tips For Choosing Bath Towels

When trying to decide “what color should I choose for my new bath towels?” keep these professional tips in mind:

  • Don’t just focus on color – also consider bath towel thickness, absorbency, durability, and quality of materials.
  • Mix and match towels – buy multiples in a color family then coordinate solids and prints for a collected look.
  • Wash before use – laundering new towels removes excess dye & helps improve absorbency.

Buying Guide: Where To Shop For Bath Towels

Looking for where to buy top quality bath towels? Here are the best home stores for bath towels:

StoreQuality & SelectionPrice Range
Bed Bath & BeyondExcellentLow – Luxury
The Company StoreExcellentMid – High
Garnet HillExcellentHigh End
Pottery BarnVery GoodMid – High
West ElmVery GoodMid
IKEAGoodVery Low
AmazonVariesVery Low – High

Whether you want to make a style statement, pull together your existing decor, or simply have soft, absorbent towels on hand, the color you choose can make all the difference. Evaluate your individual needs, preferences, and bathroom aesthetic using the guidance above as you decide “What color bath towels do I want?” to select the perfect hue for your home.