What Is A Bath Sheet Towel?

What Is A Bath Sheet Towel? Bath sheets, sometimes called bath sheets towels or bath wraps, have recently been gaining popularity for their superior drying performance and additional warmth. But what exactly is a bath sheet towel and how is it different from a regular bath towel?

What Is A Bath Sheet Towel

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know. We’ll explore what defines a bath sheet, compare the key differences to normal towels, outline the benefits of using oversized bath sheets, provide tips for usage and care, and help you figure out what size bath sheet is right for your needs.

By the end, you’ll be a bath sheet towel expert!

What is a Bath Sheet Towel?

A bath sheet towel refers to an oversized towel measuring around 35” x 60” up to 35” x 70” inches. This makes a bath sheet much larger than a standard-sized bath towel.

Bath sheets are designed to envelop your entire body, allowing superior drying performance after a shower, bath, or swim. The ample surface area also helps retain body heat better.

Key Characteristics

  • Large Size: Roughly 35″ x 60″ to 35″ x 70″
  • Absorbent Fabric: Usually 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend
  • Used for Drying Off: Popular for drying the entire body after bathing with their huge coverage area
Towel TypeDimensions (in inches)
Bath Sheet Towel35″ x 70″ or larger
Standard Bath Towel27″ x 52″ or similar

Difference Between Bath Sheets vs Bath Towels

While the names sound similar, there are several key ways that bath sheets and bath towels differ:


  • Bath sheets are much larger at approximately 35” x 60” inches or bigger
  • Bath towels are typically around 27” x 52” inches

Body Coverage Area

  • Bath sheets can easily cover and wrap around most bodies
  • The smaller size of bath towels only partially covers the body


  • Both are made of cotton, but bath sheets tend to be thicker and more absorbent
  • Bath sheets also retain more water because of greater surface area

Main Uses

  • Bath sheets are specially purposed for drying the entire body after a shower or bath
  • Bath towels are also used for drying hands, faces, hair, and more multipurpose functions

Benefits of Bath Sheet Towels

Now that you know how bath sheet towels compare to regular towels, what are the main advantages to using them?

Superior Drying Capabilities

The expansive surface area of a bath sheet is extremely effective at absorbing water quickly and drying your whole body fast. The oversized size guarantees you can fully wrap yourself up.

Provide Bodily Warmth

Since they envelope you much better than a bath towel, bath sheets also trap body heat to keep you comfortable and warm as you dry off.

Luxurious Feel

Bath sheets tend to be made of very high-quality, plush fabrics like Turkish cotton, bamboo rayon, or Supima cotton. This makes them ultra-soft and enjoyable to use after bathing.

Multipurpose Usages

While purposed for after a shower or bath drying, the large size makes bath sheets convenient for trips to the pool, gym, or beach. They can even double as improvised blankets!

Tips for Using Bath Sheet Towels

Follow these top tips for properly caring for and using your bath sheet towels:

  • Fold Properly for Storage: Neatly folding in thirds or quarters helps fit in shelves/drawers and prevents creasing.
  • Wash with Like Fabrics/Colors: Separate from synthetics and wash whites independently to prevent issues.
  • Replace Regularly: With regular use, aim to replace bath sheets every 2-4 years as needed.
  • Shop Based on Height: Purchase a size that will fully wrap around your body type. Taller people may prefer the 70″ length.

Finding the Right Size Bath Sheet For You

With so much variation in bath sheet sizes, how do you determine what dimensions to buy? Use the sizing chart below as an approximate guide.

Height RangeRecommended Bath Sheet Size
Up to 5’5″27″ x 52″ or smaller
5’6″ to 6′30″ x 60″
6’1″ and above35″ x 70″ or larger
Figure 2. Bath sheet sizing chart with height recommendations

Kids Size Bath Sheets

For children, opt for smaller youth-sized bath sheet towels. Dimensions are typically around 25” x 50” inches.

Bath Sheets vs Bath Towels

Remember standard bath towels only measure around 27’’ x 52”. Purchase bath sheets for superior drying capabilities.


Bath sheet towels provide incredible full-body drying performance thanks to an oversized 35” x 60”+ inch design. They envelope you in soft, ultra-absorbent cotton to quickly dry off while retaining warmth after bathing. Just be sure to choose the right dimensions for your height.

Now that you know the complete differences between bath sheets versus regular towels, the benefits they offer, sizing tips, and usage recommendations, you can shop for these luxuriously large towels with confidence!